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I came to Paris with a fabulous wardrobe, but virtually no money.

My first novel, Confessions of a Black Travel Diva is on sale now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

From a suburban Long Island town, a five-year-old Black girl and her grandmother begin embarking on road trips across America in a four-door Riviera. This little girl becomes infected with the travel bug, moving to New York City to pursue a career in art and fashion. Her life of couture, travel and love a airs form a seductive web that rocks her world from Brooklyn to Bahia.

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About Tatiana

Tatiana Yvette Smith is a freelance writer, dancer and digital designer from Long Island, New York. Her travels began at the age of five when her grandmother would take her on cross-country road trips in the United States. As an adult, she has traveled to cities around the world including Bahia, Dakar, New Delhi, Paris, London, Conakry, Amsterdam, Milan, and many more. She documents her travels on her website The Black Travel Diva (www.blacktraveldiva.com). Tatiana now travels the world with her little diva, Bella.

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